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Virtual Reality

The term has given rise to various considerations over the years. Just a few years ago, many dismissed it as just another fad, another 3D television. But VR managed to exceed all expectations in a very short time. Today, companies like Facebook, HTC, and Valve are reaping the rewards of risky investments in technology that appears to be evolving every day. In 2020, the VR market was valued at $ 17.25 billion, while the market is expected to grow to $ 186 billion by 2026.

At ITBB we decided that now is the time! We are officially expanding our services into the VR market with virtual experiences suitable for almost any type of space of any size. Virtual experiences, whether via the screen or a VR headset, offer much more detailed and interactive access to show your company at its best. Every experience can be filled with information and interactive elements: from your social media information to full-fledged animations that significantly enhance the impression of your customers.

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